Using Win98 programs in WinXP



We at Staunton River High School recently upgraded from
Win98 to WinXP. We had installed programs, such as Typing
Tutor, while using Win98 that worked just fine. When we
upgraded, though, all the saved information for these
programs was erased and the programs refuse to save the
new data that is input in the programs. We know it is
possible to fix this, we just don't know how. Any

Staunton River High School
1095 Golden Eagle Drive
Moneta, VA 24121
Michael S. Hearn, Student Intern




You may have to go to the Typing Tutor website for
upgrade software to run this application in XP. Most
programs will run without problems but some......
Next time for upgrades, make sure you make a backup of
programs that have a lot of saved information, so it can
be restored to the update. You can also run a
compatibility check by going to Start/All
Programs/Accessories/Programs Compatibility Wizard.
Best of luck.

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