Using VBA to move system files



I have the task of sorting though thousands of music files all of
which all reside in their own folders. There is one main folder
called MUSIC. In that folder is about 2800 folders, each of which has
one or more mp3 files in it. I'd like to write a program which will
scan all of those folders and move (not copy) all of the mp3 files
into one common folder. Can this be done in VBA? If so, please help
me out with some required system commands.



You're right Dave. "Born to Run" by Bruce might be overwritten by some
Karaoke version.
Additional information needed is probably in John's page Bruce >
Karaoke is not easy to hardcode.

Best wishes Harald

Just a warning/question...
Won't you have to worry about MP3 files in different starting folders that
share the same name?
I'd copy them to the combined folder and only delete them if the copy
didn't cause heartache.

When I want to do this kind of thing, I'll use windows explorer's search
to search for *.mp3 files.
Then I could select all of the files in the results window and hit ctrl-x.
Then paste them where I want.
But I'd be careful with the duplicate names destroying files here, too.

Thanks. That is a good thing to consider. I hadn't thought about the
more simpler method of using explorer to find all mp3s. Sometimes I
think I look for excuses to write programs.

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