Word Using the 'IF' Formula in MS Word 2010

Jun 30, 2015
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Hello All, long time lurker, first time poster.

I have a tricky one for all those Word 2010 guru's out there.

I am trying to get create an audit tool based in Word 2010.

In cell E5 I have created a drop-down box is gives the user 3 options, these being YES, NO and NA.

In cell E8 I wish to create an 'IF' Formula that, depending on the choice the user makes in cell E5, will return

The number 1 for Yes
The number 0 for No
The number 1 for NA.

So far, the advice I have received has led me to create the following formula.

{IF{=E5}= Yes "1" {IF{=E5}= No "0"{IF{=E5}= NA "1"}}}

I am happy that I am not receiving the dreaded !Syntax Error, ) message any more. I am not happy that the formula appears to do nothing, the cell remains blank once I click OK on the 'Insert Formula' tab.

Any and all help appreciated as this has be completely and utterly stumped.

Thanks for all your help.


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