using rule creates multiple entries. How can I stop this?



I'm going to give you the details of this so maybe someone can just tell me
how to correct or whether it can be corrected. I've tried creating different
rules, rules with exceptions, multiple rules with multiple exceptions, all I
can think. Here is the scenario. Although I'm using Lisa as an example,
this problem applies to every staffer in my 9 person office.
Lisa is my secretary. She sends me internal email, staff questions and
stuff which goes to a a "Staff" subfolder of the Inbox. I have a rule for
She also sends me mail she has scanned. I have a rule for this that
provides if "scanned" is in the subject matter to move it to the "Scanned"
She also sends me phone messages I receive. I have a rule that provides if
"phone message" is in the subject matter to move it to the "Phone message"
The probem is an email from Lisa goes to multiple places, just not the one
place. So I have several duplicates of the same email in different folders.
For example, a phone message ends up in the "Staff" folder AND in the phone
message folder. So I always have almost twice as many messages as I really
do because of the duplicates.
I've tried exceptions, separate rules, rules not involving her name, and
nothing seems to work. Can someone show me how to do this correctly??



Toothsome Papa

what do you do with an email regarding a phone message about a staff member
who did not get something you scanned?


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