Using Outlook Express for this Newsgroup



Sorry this is more of an Outlook Express question - not sure where to post

I typically don't use a New Reader for this newsgroup and just started
toying with Outlook Express. I can't seem to view items from this group any
earlier than Jan1 2008. When I search items it does not call up items prior
to this period. I cannot even find old post of my own which should go back
several years. It seem to only be able to search the range of posts which
show up in my main windwow - which only go back to Jan1 2008.

Is there an option I need to click on to have full visibility of dates for
this newsgroup?



Ron de Bruin

Dave Peterson posted this :

Here are some links that explain it better:

Chip Pearson has some notes written by Leonard Meads at:

David McRitchie's notes at:

Tushar Mehta's notes at:

And if you're looking for old posts:

Or you can use google (maybe a few hours behind) to search for stuff you've
posted (and find the replies, too)*Excel*&num=100

Ron de Bruin has an excel addin that you may like:

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