Using HP Deskjet 5850 Wireless Printer with Airport Express, OS X, WEP & WPA



I have an Airport Express and a Powerbook with OS X and have attempted
to add an HP 5850 Wireless Printer to the network with both WPA and
WEP encryption. I was unable to get WPA to work with the HP printer.
However, WEP works. Although I am not an expert, I have written a
procedure for getting the printer to connect to the network with WEP
encryption - this is for OS X (10.3.4). If anyone knows how to get
the HP 5850 to work with WPA, please share!

1. Reset your Deskjet 5850. With the power on, press and hold the
power button. Press the "X" button 6 times and then release the power
button. Turn the printer off.

2. Set your Airport Express to WEP 128-bit encryption. From the
Finder menu, hit "Go", then "Utilities", then choose "Airport Admin
Utility". Double click your Airport Express. On the Airport tab,
click "Change Wireless Security". Select 128-bit WEP and enter a
password. "Update" the settings and wait for the Airport Express to

3. Get your "Hex equivalency password". From the same screen, along
the top menu, click "Password". Write down your hex equivalency
password (WEP Key). Exit out of these screens and turn your Airport
off. You may want to re-boot at this point.

4. Connect your printer to your computer using the Ethernet cable and
power up both of them. Make sure Airport is off.

5. Ensure there is communication. (This will not work if the Airport
is on.) On the Ethernet port on the back of the printer, there are 2
TINY green lights. Watch these lights – one should light up steady,
the other flash. It will take a while (about 5 minutes) for the
printer and computer to communicate. This is the most temperamental
part of the process. You may have to plug and unplug the Ethernet
cable, but you can't do anything until these two tiny green lights are
working. Once the lights activate, wait for the green network light
on the front of the printer to illuminate.

6. Print a network configuration page. Hit the check button and when
it is a third of the way through printing (i.e. – the status in
English has printed), hit the "X" button (to stop the printing). The
configuration should indicate an Adhoc network and give a URL.

7. Once there is communication between the printer and the computer,
run the Printer Setup Utility to "add" the Deskjet 5800 series to your
available printers.

8. Next, open up Safari (or other browser). You will get a message
that the browser cannot open your default page, which is ok (this is
because Airport is off). Type in the URL from the configuration page.
This will open the printer's embedded webpage.

9. Go to the "Networking" tab, and choose the "Wireless" heading.
Choose "Advanced configuration". It's in a weird spot, off to the
right, under the encryption section.

10. Walk through the setup process. Communication mode is
"infrastructure". Network name (SSID) is your Airport Express
network. For Authentication, choose "Shared Key". For the WEP key, I
can't say for sure what the difference is between "alphanumeric" or
"hexadecimal". Try selecting "hexadecimal" and enter the "Hex
equivalent password" that you wrote down previously.

11. Hit finish and wait for verification that the settings have been
accepted. Unplug the Ethernet cable and turn on Airport. Reboot your
system, including the printer.

12. You will know the printer is communicating when the green network
button on the front is illuminated. Try printing.

13. If this doesn't work, the HP Tech Support folks are pretty
helpful. The number is 1-800-474-6836. They are open M-F
8am-midnight, Sat 11am-6pm, EST.

Good luck!

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