Using form to enter data to a field



The end result I'm looking for is to have a report with a list of names going
down on the left side and sequential dates across the top. I want to be able
to put selectable data into the given "mailbox". I have tables with names and
I have tables with dates and I have a table with a "status code" that will go
into the location of the paticular name on the particular date. What I want
is to be able to use a pull down to select the name and I already have a
calander generator that selects the date and then using a list or option box
place the "status" to that location. I can create a table that has a record
for each date and create a column for each name and forms and reports that
all specify exact locations but that seems very redundant. Can you have a
record by date and use "nameID" for the column? Or how do I do what I'm
trying to do but can't put it into words that help files understand. tia
btw caution extreme newby




You would want to use a form, not a report. A report is only for viewing or
printing data, not data input. It sounds to me like you may need a crosstab
query to properly display your data. As far as a pull down menu, you would
want to use a combo box and have in it the records you want to select.

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