Using addressbooks in outlook




I am connected to Exchange server 2003 using Outlook 2003.
I have an address book that is in a public folder that I can find names from
and use in my email.
However, I would like to make outlook autocheck for entries in the address
book when I press CTRL K in a new message.
User in my GAL has the name John R. and another user in the address book
(public folder) has the name John M.
When I type John in my new message and press CTRL K, then John is changed to
John R., but I would have like Outlook to ask me wich John I am asking
Also if a user exists in the public folder address book but no user by the
same name in the GAL, then he is resolved ok.




Sue Mosher [MVP-Outlook]

Tools | Address Book, then Tools | Options. Note that Outlook cannot resolve
names across multiple address lists.

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