Using a rule to add a reminder



In Outlook 2003 is there a way to automatically create a reminder via a rule
for a new message that arrives?


Ben M. Schorr said:
Could you be a little more specific about what you want to do? You want
to flag certain new messages with reminders or ?

When a message arrives with certain bits of text I want to set a reminder to
appear x days in the future.

Ben M. Schorr, MVP

When a message arrives with certain bits of text I want to set a
reminder to
appear x days in the future.

Ok. You can't do that automatically (at least not with he rules wizard),
but there are a few workarounds. How often do such messages arrive? Are we
taking about 50 a day or 3 a week or ?

Ben M. Schorr, MVP-OneNote/Outlook
Operations Coordinator
Stockholm/KSG - Honolulu
Microsoft OneNote FAQ:

Sue Mosher [MVP-Outlook]

As a rule action, choose "flag message for action in a number of days." The reminder will fire in that many days, as long as the message is still in the Inbox.

Sue Mosher, Outlook MVP
Author of
Microsoft Outlook Programming - Jumpstart for
Administrators, Power Users, and Developers
May 6, 2019
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Actually, Sue is partially correct.
Her suggestion sets the "follow up DUE DATE", not the "follow up *reminder*" that the due date is approaching. Yes, the "follow up" will generate a pop-up message on the "due date". Technically, there is a difference, though. When manually creating a "follow up", you can select a start date, end date and a reminder. The purpose of a reminder is to REMIND you that something will be DUE to be completed at a given timeframe *before* it's actually due.

The reason I'm pointing this out is because I'm searching for a solution to create a rule that sets a follow-up due date AND a reminder about 1.5 days PRIOR to the due date...and it looks like the only way to do that is to create a vba script and have the outlook rule manager run the script on an incoming message.

Probably splitting hairs for most people's purposes, though...

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