using a netgear ps121 usb print server with mac os x tiger



So I'm about to put my sister's mp780 on their home LAN, so that they
can print to it from their laptops wirelessly.

my method of doing so is the following:

One USB 2.0 Switch 2-to-1
and a Netgear PS121

the reason for the 2-to-1 switch, is so that the printer can be switched
over easily, without plugging cables, as a dedicated usb printer for
scanning to the mac beside it. When done scanning, wack the usb switch
again, and the printer is back connected to the USB-Ethernet print server

Looks like I should have no problem sharing the MP780 for printing only
over a local TCP/IP port to the PCs. But for the mac, I'm not seeing
any current info about how to set it up to print through the PS121.

Can the mac talk to this thing in some standard way? Bonjour? Or does
it need a network aware print driver for the canon? I'm on an ibook
right now, that can print to my parents G85 that is networked with a
jetdirect 300x, but that was leashed together with HPIJS side stepping
the HP bloated driver. I'm not seeing the canon mp780 supported over at the way the HP g85 is. - thus far I've
got zero help on this fairly straight forward post at netgear's forum.

USENET to the rescue!

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