Using a Distribution list in Outlook 2007



Hi! Im new to using distribution lists and I need some help I haven't been
able to find. Using the training modules, I've created a distribution list. I
have contacts separated in my Contacts tab into Personal, and then I have my
business contacts under "Business contacts in business contact manager" tab.
It is THOSE (my business ones) that I want to be able to send group emails
to. I went to my address book, Created a distribution list that I named Jen's
Jewels (JJ), and saved it with their names in there. My problem is in sending
an email to them. I opened up a new message, put myself in the TO category
ans clicked in the message body. I then inserted my distribution list, and
accidently sent the list, not the email to each of them. Sigh. THEN, when I
try to just click TO, or ADDRESS BOOK to Add the dist. list to the email
where addresses would be, I can't find it. If I open my business contacts, it
is in there as a contact (even though I entereted it twice as a dist. list),
but it doesn't show upwhen I try to put it inthe address tab. I am very
frustrated and any help would be GREAT! Thanks.

Russ Valentine [MVP-Outlook]

DL's are not created in the address book. They are created in the Contacts
Folder. If you created a DL in the address book view, I would expect it to

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