username/password problem unsolved afterMcAfee uninstalled



Windows Mail worked correctly for 1 year. I did not have the "password won't
save" problem at all.
McAfee Security Center was uninstalled and debris removal was performed
because I dislike McAfee (which came installed on the the computer.)
Avast Pro was installed because I like it.
Now, I have the Windows Mail "password won't save" problem. When I look at
the Account Properties, there's nothing in the password box. When I enter
the password and click Remember Password, check email, I get the popup
requesting username password. If I enter the info there, mail is received
and can be sent. Next time, it asks for username/pw again.
I have deleted the account, closed Windows Mail, recreated the account -
same problem.
Can someone please provide a fix for this problem?

Gary VanderMolen

Your Avast antivirus was probably installed with its default install option.
If so, uninstall it, then reinstall, but select 'custom' install, which then
allows you to unselect installing its troublesome email scanning module.

While Avast is uninstalled, try Windows Mail again, just to verify that
the culprit has been found. You may have to recreate the corrupted
account once more.

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