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Peter Batten [MCP]

I am trying to overcome some annoying settings that are minor.

Display Administrative Tools (shows folder - which is empty)
Show Clock (this is not set - needs to be shown)
Show Small Icons (not set - needs to be set)

When I created the mandatory profile for Default Users, I made these changes
but they havent
taken affect. Plus - these settings do not seem to be available in GPO.

Did I miss something out? How do I alter these settings for each new user,
or every user?




Brad Smith

This might be a stupid question but after making these changes are you
either running secedit (for win 2000) or gpupdate (for win 2003) with
appropriate options to force propagation of the policies or are you waiting
for the to propagate normally?

Propagation or policies in a domain occurs in background (I don't remember
the default interval off hand) but this had me going crazy for the longest
time until I understood how it worked. Look for "force group policy update"
in ms knowledge base if you need more info.

Peter Batten said:
I am trying to overcome some annoying settings that are minor.

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