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It has been some years since I have managed a network but I have a couple of
questions. I would like our tech to set up user profiles on our network to
be able to access each computer with their username and password, allowing
access to internet and the network for all users. We only have 10 users in
our office. As it stands now you can only access your own system. And when
we need to use another system in the office we have to use the system owners
username and password. Our tech guy says that setting up user profiles on
the network where each user in our small office would be too time consuming
to set up and more costly. Isn't this a matter of setting up either a group
policy or user permissions? And will this bog down the server? It's been 8
yrs since I set up a small network and in IT but I don't remember it being
too difficult to set up this type of configuration nor this causing a major
pull on the server. Can someone explain?



Meinolf Weber [MVP-DS]

Hello Sbrunswick,

Do you have a domain or workgroup?

Best regards

Meinolf Weber
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