User Profile Service failed to log in



Our brand new computer (stationary) refuses to accept our log in password to
Windows (Vista Home Premium). It just says "User Profile Service failed to
log in. It is not possible to load the user profile". (Translated from

What can we do? Is there a way to take away this first password request, so
that we can use our computer without password? (Its a home computer and only
us two using it).
We have a lot of private things stored on the computer which we have not yet
had the chance to make a back up of as this computer is only a month old. We
hope that we don't have to re-install everything and then loose all files one
the computer....

Yesterday it worked fine but at start up this morning it failed at log in to
Windows as described above. I have not used the wrong password and also not
had any other problems. Yesterday the computer shut down in a normal way
without any failures.

Thanks in advance for all help.

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