User Profile Service failed the logon



Hi, I'm new here... I was hoping you could help me. I tried to log-on to
Vista today, and recieved this message...

-User Profile Service failed the logon.
User profile cannot be loaded.-

And, that is the only user account on my system. So, I don't have any
way to sign on right now. I was going to try to system restore or
activate the hidden admin account, but when booting up with safe-mode,
I get a hangup on the crcdisk.sys... What a night. Hopefully someone
has some ideas?



Gene E. Bloch

CodyGH Hi.
This is hopefully a fix for your crcdisk.sys problem. Firstly. Start
your computer in safe mode. When it freezes at crcdick.sys, press the
power button once only (don't hold it down) Your computer will appear to
have shut down but it will restart in "startup repair mode". Follow the
instuctions and this will fix crcdisk.exe. Good luck.

No, no, no!

Crcdisk is just the last command executed from the boot-up command line.
Windows Vista *always* stops printing output there and proceeds to
invisible activities for a while until the GUI appears.

It is *totally normal* for the safe boot to stop for a while at
crcdisk.sys. *Totally normal*!

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