User profile recreated with old data



Hi Guys,

I am totally baffled by this, A user was getting a VB error when opening
office which dissapeared when I logged on as another user, so I thought I
would recreate their user profile by renaming their profile and logging back
on. Strangely, the same files appeared in the profile, including my docs,
desktop and favourites. I completely moved any profiles that existed for
that user out of the 'docs and settings' folder but any new profiles are
created with the files aready in the profile.

I checked the userprofile path by running 'echo %username%' and the profile
matches the one that was recreated. I have also checked the default user and
all user profiles and they don't have the files saved in them. I have even
deleted the domain user from 'control panel-> user accounts' but to no avail.

Does anyone have any ideas about creating a fresh profile?

matt hopkins

try deleting it all again and removing the users SID from the registry. that
way when you recreate you should get it set back up with just the files that
are in the all users folder.


A script can be written that automatically populates a particular machine or
user account with documents at login. You mentioned domain so I assume we're

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