user profile deleted - and all my birthday photos under that profile were delete


Jason M

Help - new to xp and profiles -

When i first set up computer - it was with a master
account and 3 other accounts. I stupidly pulled my
birthday pictures from my kodak camera while on one of
the 3 other profiles. i delete the other profiles -
keeping just the main one - and lost all my birthday
pictures -

anyone know how/if I can recover them?

(e-mail address removed)

thanks, if you can help.....



Vaughn McMillan - Executive Software

Hi Jason -

You may be able to get some or all of the deleted pictures back. Do a
Google search for "undelete" and you'll see several products that
should be able to recover the files.

That said, there's a possibility that some (or all) of the files you
want to recover have been overwritten by other activity on the disk
since you deleted them. It's still worth trying, though -- you'll be
surprised how much stuff is still available from your hard drive.

I hope this helps -

Vaughn McMillan
Executive Software

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