User Accounts Missing



When my laptop boots it gets to the welcome screen where it shows my name
(but not my husband's)but then, after a few seconds, automatically boots into
a User-Owner account, with no prompting from me. When I go to User Accounts
it lists only User-Owner and Guest. When I try to rename the User-Owner
account to my name, I get an error msg stating that the account name already
In addition, on the desktop of User-Owner is a folder with my account name.
When I open it it contains my documents folder, desktop folder, etc.
I'd like to get back to where I get the welcome screen with both my
husband's and my user names, that, when clicked on, bring us to our
individual desktops.
What has gone wrong and how do I fix it?

TIA for any help




Hey Roberta

It might be easiest to start from scratch.

Create two new user accounts with different names.
Migrate any existing user data to the new profiles.
Delete user-owner account and rename new account to desired name.

See how you go.





when you have more than one account you need to password protect them, you
need to go to user accounts and add ur husband because it sounds like he
does not have an account and it was deleted or disabled. when this happens
only one account that is active without a password set, the pc will
automatically boot to that user
for remote assistance use this email to find me on windows messanger
(e-mail address removed)

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