USB Stick problems



I’ve installed a virtual machine with operating system windows vista
business. Every time I connect a usb-stick at the usbport, I get the
following message:

This device can realize a better performance.
This USB-Device will realize a better performance, if it will be plugged in
into a high-speed usb 2.0-connector.

Can somebody tell me what i've to do.

The virtual machine with Win XP Prof has no problem with the same USB-Stick

R. C. White

Hi, Biggi.

Well, since you didn't tell us in your first message: Do you have a USB 2.0

If you tell us the make and model of your computer - or your motherboard if
you built the computer yourself - we probably can guess at the answer to
that question and give you some advice.

R. C. White, CPA
San Marcos, TX
(e-mail address removed)
Microsoft Windows MVP
Windows Live Mail 2009 (14.0.8064.0206) in Win7 Ultimate x64 RC 7100


Hi, R.C. White,
yes i have a USB 2.0 connector. The mode of my computer is hp dx5150 mt

I have had never problems with usb-sticks. Only now when i will use it with
a virtual machine with an vista busines operating system

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