USB ports stopped working after Windows updates



After installing 2 updates the USB ports on my docking station stopped
working (they still work on the PC).

The updates were: 1) Update for Microsoft Silverlight (KB960353) and 2)
Cypress - Other hardware - HX2LP kit (3.03.0000.2).

I have tried system restore but it failed - said it didn't restore. (this
always happens - any idea why?)

The Cypress update does not show up on Programs & Features, so I am unable
to uninstall it.

Any ideas?



I just discovered the same problem.  I selected the Cypress update and all of the external USB ports died.  I can't find the Cypress - Other hardware - HX2LP Kit (3.03.0000.2) software installed such that I can execute a removal.  So, I found the drivers in the registry and then I also went into the device manager and found the HX2LP entries under the USB controllers.  I decided to remove the HX2LP devices and also specified removal of the drivers.  I'm about to reboot and see if this solves my problem.  If not then I'll clone the registry and delicately cut out the HX2LP or Cypress entries.  I'll post my status after the reboot.

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Thanks Dinesh.
I can't remove the newly installed Cypress update (the one causing the
problem) because it doesn't appear on the list of installed software. Any
ideas how I can remove it?

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