USB Port - Mem Stick Appears After Removal



Have something strange going on with one of my USB ports. If a memory stick
is inserted, the computer gives the normal double beep sound. However, the
drive is not accessible, nor does it show up under device manager. When I
remove the mem stick (it does not show up under safey remove hardware) the
computer double sounds again. Now, if I look in device manager, a mass
storage device is now present. iAlso through trial and error I have
discovered that my 4-slot memory card reader works fine, until a mem stick
is placed into this particiular USB port. If a mem card is in place, the
active light turns off when the usb Mem stick is inserted. If the mem stick
is removed the card read is working again. Through device manager I have
uninstalled all composite devices and rebooted for the re-install. I have
also tried booting with the mem stick in the usb port both with and without
the unistall \ install. All other usb ports are functioning, the mem stick
works on other computers and no mem stick will work int this particular usb

Thanks in advance for the help!


Uwe Sieber

I think the mass storage device that appears after removal
of the flash drive is the internal card reader.

The whole effect sounds like a power problem. The card reader
draws power near the limit and the USB port in question shares
it's power with the internal port the card reader is attached

No other solution here than replacing the card reader or
just don't use the USB port in question for devices which
need power from the USB port. Using this port for a self
powered USB hub should work.



Thanks Uwe.

This port used to work. Also, if I leave a mem card in place, install and
remove the mem stick, two mass storage devices show up after the removal of
the thumb drive. I certanly agree as I have other usb ports, but sometimes
it's the challenge and it just kinda makes you mad! Thanks Danny

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