USB keyboard did not work on wakeup of Vista b2




I locked vista- windows-key+L. Came back 2.5 hours later. Moved mouse,
nothing. Pressed shift key, disks led showed activity, login screen painted.
Tried to type in password, no joy. Unpluged and pluged back in keyboard, no
joy. Had to power down system.
Keybord is Logitech G15, using vista HID keyboard drivers, 6.0.5384.4

Is this were bugs like this should be posted?

This post is a suggestion for Microsoft, and Microsoft responds to the
suggestions with the most votes. To vote for this suggestion, click the "I
Agree" button in the message pane. If you do not see the button, follow this
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Zack Uribe

No, bugs should be reported using the Microsoft Beta Client App. I believe
there was a link to it on the desktop when I installed Vista, if not, look
in the program menu.


Well, my usb wireless Logitech combo (keybrd and mouse) will hang when vista
start up. I switch usb port and now it has operate.



well i have a 'Microsoft Keyboard with Fingerprint Reader' and i also have a
Microsoft Wireless Optical Mouse 2.0. When i boot up my computer, my keyboard
works just fine, i can get into the BIOS menu, but whenever it gets past the
Windows Vista loading screen (the one with the moving thingy) my keyboard
turns off. The only way to type in my password is by unplugging it and
pluggin it back in. Then it works perfectly fine (except for the fact that
the Fingerprint reader doesnt work due to the Microsoft not making Vista
compatible drivers for it) until I reboot. On the other hand my mouse works
just fine. Oddly enough, none of my extra keys like web, messenger,
documents, pictures, etc work but my music controls and volume controls do...
Both connect via USB 2.0. I've also downloaded the latest drivers and tried
uninstalling and installing but no luck. What should i do?

I'm running an HP Media Center m7060n that hasn't been modified, I just
added the keyboard, mouse, HP Personal Media Drive, and HP 3210xi All-in-One

Any help would be greatly appreciated!
Edgar Sanchez

Base processor
Pentium4 630 (P) HT 3.0 GHz:
800MHz Front side bus
Socket LGA775
Intel 915GV
Manufacturer: Asus
Motherboard Name: PTGD-LA
HP Motherboard Name: Goldfish3-GL8E
Component Attributes
Memory Installed 1 GB (2 x 512)
Maximum allowed 4 GB* (4 x 1GB) requires the replacement of the installed
512 MB DIMMs

*Actual available memory may be less
Speed supported PC3200 MB/sec
Type 240 pin, DDR2 SDRAM
DIMM slots Four
Open DIMM slots Two

Hard drive
7200 rpm
16x DVD(+/-)R/RW DL LightScribe drive
must use Double-Layer media discs in order to take advantage of the DL
must use LightScribe-enabled media discs and supporting software in order to
take advantage of the LightScribe technology
type Attributes
DVD+R DL Write Once 2.4X
DVD+R Write Once 16X
DVD+RW Rewritable 4X
DVD-R Write Once 8X
DVD-RW Rewritable 4X
DVD ROM Read 16X
CD-R Write Once 40X
CD-RW Rewritable 24X
CD-ROM Read 40X

Maximum speed 48X
PCI K56flex data/fax modem
Video graphics
Integrated with up to 64 MB allocated video memory
TV tuner card with FM tuner
Integrated High Definition audio
Realtek ALC 880 chipset
8-channels for Full Dolby 5.1/6.1/7.1 surround sound support with Dolby Pro
Logic IIx
Dolby 5.1
Network (LAN)
Integrated 10/100 Base-T networking interface
Memory card reader
Supports the following cards:
Compact Flash I
Compact Flash II
Memory Stick
Memory Stick Pro
Secure Digital (SD)
Micro Drive
XD Picture Card (xd = extreme digital)
External I/O ports
I/O ports on the front panel
Port type Quantity
9-in-1 (4 slot) One
1394 One
Headphone One
Microphone One
S-video in One
Audio L-R One
Composite video in One

I/O ports on the back panel
Port type Quantity
PS2 Two
parallel One
USB Four
1394 One
audio (line in, line out, microphone) One
SPDIF out (coaxial) One

Expansion slots
Slot type Quantity
PCI Three (one available)
DIMM Four (two available)

Drive bays (total)
Bay type Quantity
5.25" external Two (occupied)
3.5" internal One (occupied)
Personal Media Drive One (available)

Remote control
USB infrared receiver
Keyboard and mouse
HP PS/2 multimedia keyboard
Quebec Keyboard Kit (French Canada only)
HP PS/2 deluxe optical scroll mouse


Yes my system did exactly the same when I inadvertently used the sleep
function, and it took me ages to get it rebooted successfully (I had to
connect a PS2 keyboard to get back in as boot screen and bios options could
not be accessed using the USB keyboard).
I think the sleep button in the start menu is awfully misleading. I have
actually created shortcuts for shut down and restart direct to my desktop to
avoid using the sllep button by mistake in future.





Same exact issue is still happening with the Vista release. I have a
Microsoft Laser Mouse 8000 and a generic USB keyboard. Whenever I place my
system in hibernate and bring it out of hibernate, the devices light up and
react until the Windows Vista logo appears then they turn off and do not
respond. If I change USB ports they eventually will work again.


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