USB devices not getting recognised



I am having problems whereby usb devices are not being recognised. This is
the case for a wireless modem (never recognised), a usb memory stick (not
recognised about 3 in every 5 times I insert it) and my portable cd writer
(not recognised about once every 5 times I insert it into the usb drive).
Regardless of what usb drive I use, the results are the same. I am on XP SP2.

I have been unable to install the wireless modem - when the time comes for
me to insert the modem into the usb port, I get a popup saying "USB device
not recognised". It is shown as an "Unknown Device" in the Device Manager,
and when I go into the properties, it says that no drivers are installed for
this device. I tried using the Windows troubleshooting but to no avail. The
modem installs fine on any other machine I have tried it on. The problem is
intermittent with the memory stick and the cd writer - sometimes they are
recognised, sometimes they are not.

This would seem to be a problem with the USB drives on my pc. I have no idea
what might be the problem, and the intermittent nature of the problem makes
it even more confusing. Anyone got any ideas?




Cari \(MS-MVP\)

In the case of the wireless modem, have you installed the drivers before
connecting the device to the PC?

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