Urgent help needed with .Net Application



Here's the situation. We have a very tight development schedule and the
application must be done using Visual Studio .Net. It is a multi-tiered
database application It has VB.Net DAL (Data Access Layer) and VB.Net BLL
(Business Logic Layer) with ASP.Net Web Forms as the front end.

The problem is, this is our first .Net project and we don't know how to code
VS.Net with multiple developers.

We are comfortable enough with the programming languages but can't figure
out how we can work on different parts of the application at the same time.

Lets take the ASP.Net application for an example of what I mean. If I'm in
the middle of coding a Web Form and a coworker wants to edit another Web
Form for the same site, how should this be accomplished? I don't
necessarily know he is working on another page and vice versa. When I
attempt to run or
build the application won't it throw errors if he is in the middle of

We're thinking that we're missing something very simple. It doesn't make
sense for us
not to be able to code different parts of the application at the same time.
Any ideas?

This wasn't much of an issue in classic ASP as the site didn't need to be
compiled prior to viewing/running.


S Gopikrishna


One solutions is you can integrate the project solution
with VSS and ask all the developers to check out the
individual pages on which they are working on.


Joe Willmann

It is called version control and development environment. All the
developers get systems that run the software. Each developer has access
to the entire software suite via the source code control software. The
released product consist of the contents of the source code system.
Each developer makes his changes on the part they are working on and
check it in. Nobodys changes interfeer with anyone else's.

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