VB.NET 2003 to VB.NET 2008 conversio



Hi -,

We are planning to convert our current project which was developed
in .NET framework 2.0 and VS 2003 to .NET framework 3.5 adn VS 2008.

I am not much familiar with the advantages being converting the
project to .NET 3.5. Only thing that I know is we will get MS support
if the project is converted.

Current project developed on ASP.NET and VB.NET is code behind. We
have many business layer components, Datalayer components and Windows
services developed in VB.NET

Presentation layer (asp.net website) calls business layer components,
business layer components calls data layer components, and datalayer
calls stored procedures and insert/retrieve data from oracle database.

Windows services are folder watch services. As soon as they see a new
file dropped into the folders, they trigger the start process and
calls busines, data layer components for various activities.

We have used data grids extensively in web site.

I want to know your openion on how can we convert this project using
VS 2008 framework 3.5. Do we need to use any of these new features
such as WCF, WPF, Windows Work Flow, Windows Cardspcae, LINQ and Data

Plese respond with your comments


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