Upsizing to SQL


Kirko P

I have about 40 tables which I plan to upsize from Access 2000 to SQL
Server 2000 in the next while. However, a number of the tables (large
in size) are corrupting on a regular basis due to the amount of
queries being run on them (I think), and I need to do something about

I was wondering if it were possible/wise to upsize just these few
tables right now, and still maintain DB integrity. (i.e. if I upsized
these tables, there would be forms which run of both Access and SQL

I am planning to upsize all the tables within a month, so this
situation would be temporary.

Any help in this matter would be appreciated.




Larry Linson

How are you using these tables? Perhaps you can find some ways to avoid the
corruption on MVP Tony Toews' site at
If you have multiple users logged in to the same database, that could well
be the problem. In a multiuser environment, each user should have their own
copy of the front end (queries, forms, reports, etc.) and be linked to
tables in the shared backend (tables with data and relationships).

Yes, you can copy, convert, and link to some of the tables. Those tables
cannot participate in relationships with local or linked Jet tables... the
relationships are in the backend in every case.

Larry Linson
Microsoft Access MVP

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