Upsize to MS SQL Access 2007



I am attempting to upsize a database in Access 2007 to MS SQL. This database
has only tables, no forms, queries, or anything else. I am already using it
on a website to power a blog, but for reasons I won't go into I need to
upsize it to SQL. According to my web hosting company, "There is an upsize
wizard within Access. You would first want to create the SQL database within
your control panel, with the name/username/password you wish to use. Then,
you basically connect through this upsize wizard in Access and it takes care
of everything for you."

Well, I logged into my website control panel, created the new SQL database,
and setup a username and password. However, the web hosting company's email
makes it sound like now all I do is go into the Upsize Wizard in Access and
connect it to the SQL database on my website. But when I do, the only options
are to connect to a SQL database on my local machine.

My stupid question of the day is: Was the information from the web hosting
company bad, or am I missing something in Access?

Thanks in advance,
Gwen H

Sylvain Lafontaine

Most (but not all) web hosting companies won't allow a direct connection to
a SQL-Server from the outside for security purposes. However, when they
allow it, the Wizard cannot display the option of connecting to a remote
Sql-Server but all you have to do is to simply write the tcp/ip address of
the remote server in the combobox (sometime followed by the port number
separated by a comma: ,1433). (Sometimes, you can also add the prefix tcp:
to the name of the server address.).

The best thing to do would be to ask them the exact connection parameters to
be sure how to do this. However, like I said earlier, I would be surprised
if your web hosting company is allowing a direct connection to the
sql-server from the outside.

Another possibility would be to install SQL-Server 2005 Express on your
machine, upsize your database to it then detach the database, make a copy of
it and post it to your web site. You could also generate the sql-scripts
and use them to recreate the database on your web site.


Thanks Sylvia for your reply. The web hosting company and I managed to figure
it out, despite their heavy "tech" accent. :)

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