Upgrading to native mode



Lately I have migrated from Exchange server 5.5 to ES 2003. Everything
worked beautifully. I have decommissioned the last 5.5. server, I also
moved to native mode on the exchange server. When I go to "organisation"
properties, I see "native mode" on the exchange server.

In the AD users and computers tho, the "domain functionnal level" still
shows "Windows 2000 mixed" mode. For instance, I cannot create "universal
group" yet since it requires "native mode". The AD users and computers
shows this:

Domain functionnal level : "Windows 2000 mixed"
Forest functionnal level: Windows 2000

1 domain and 2 DCs running win2k3. The option to UPGRADE to native mode is
NOT there. I have schema admin, enterprise and admin permissions.

What did I miss ?



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