Upgrading (install) from current Win2000 Pro to WinXP - stable ?


Fred Zimmerman

I am considering purchase of Win XP Pro Upgrade software. I am
currently running Win 2000 Pro. I have a small home LAN; 2 machines
networked via WorkGroup: W2K - Win NT Server 4.

My main concerns are problems with Profiles, applications, registry on
Win2000 machine after doing auto-upgrade to XP. I want to keep my
current profiles, shortcuts, and applications (Start menu, etc) with
new XP install.

Has anyone experienced "any" problems at all upgrading Win2000 Pro ->
Win XP Pro?

F.Z. - Newton MA

Bill Curtis [MSFT]

There shouldn't be any problems, but I would recommend that you do the

1. Use NTBACKUP to backup EVERYTHING (including the System State).
2. Uninstall any applications and devices that Windows XP Setup points to
as being a potential problem. Do NOT proceed if there are any warnings.

- Bill Curtis [MSFT]
“This posting is provided "AS IS" with no warranties, and confers no


I can only tell you what happened to me. I wanted to upgrade win2000 pro to XP Pro. Did not receive any warnings that anything was incompatible. After upgrading, I found I couldn't use my Belkin wireless network card. After hours of tech support from both Belkin and MS windows newsgroups, we all decided it would be better if I just reinstalled Win2000 Pro or purchased a full and complete XP Pro, not an upgrade.

This reinstallation is going to be a nightmare since it appears that I have to reformat my harddrive, bring it back to Win98, which was the original system installation, then upgrade it to win2000 pro, with all the attendent problems and concerns.

Bottom line, if your system is working at all, I would not upgrade Win2000 to XP Pro.

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