Upgrading from XP to Vista



Since upgrading to MS Office Pro 2003, my system (1G processor, 512K
memory--with plenty of free HD space) has become extremely sluggish. Bringing
up programs, accessing the Internet, etc. have been exasperatingly slow. I
blamed part of the slowness to connect to the Internet on DSL, but they said
that it is my computer that is causing the slowness (initially brining up the
browser) and that my connection speed is fast (3,000-6,000).

Will upgrading from XP to Vista (when avaliable) make my system's
performance better/faster, or is it just a matter of my current processor
speed and/or memory that is causing this issue?


Forgive me for the multiple posts on this issue. Every time that I post
something, I receive an error message saying that my message was not sent. ???

Colin Barnhorst

This is a known bug in the web-based newsreader. It is a false error

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