Upgrading 2000 AD


Harrison Midkiff


My AD is still Windows 2000. In order to deploy a 2003 Global Catalog
server I need to upgrade my AD to 2003. I have read all the documentation
on this and all my DC's are running SP4. I tested the process in my lab by
running "adprep.exe /forestprep" and then "adprep /domainprep". The
"/forestprep" took a few minutes to run which I expected, but when I ran the
"/domainprep" it only took a few seconds to run... I would have thought
both processes would have taken a while to complete. Of course I understand
my lab AD is very small as compared to my production AD. After running the
process everything seems fine in the lab and I was able to do "dcpromo" on a
2003 box and make a GC without a problem. I don't really see any major
events in the event view confirming the upgrade. I am still a little
apprehensive if this is normal and wondering if there is a good way to
verify AD is the 2003 version on all the DC's.



examine logs stored in the %Systemroot%\system32\debug\adprep\logs folder.
Verify (you can use ADSIEdit to accomplish this) that
(generated during adprep /forestprep) and
CN=Windows2003Update,CN=DomainUpdates,CN=System,DC=<domain> (created during
adprep /domainprep) exist on all your domain controllers.


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