Upgrade WinXP Pro to Windows Server 2003 R2 ?



Hi all,

Good day! We have a small development LAN (started with less than 10
developers). We setup 1 WinXP Pro machine as a Source Safe Server. But since
we have more than 10 developer now, we face the problem of concurrent
connection to Source Safe Server because WinXP Pro can only accept 10
concurrent connections.

Recently we have purchased Windows Server 2003 R2. By setting up a Windows
Server box, we can solve the 10 concurrent users issue. I'm wondering whether
can I perform an inplace upgrade from WinXP Pro to Windows Server 2003 ? I
have setup up the users permission on the folders on the current Win XP Pro,
it will be a pain for me to install a fresh copy of Windows Server 2003.
Please help ?

Many thanks in advance,
Meng Soon Chua

Jupiter Jones [MVP]

Unfortunately no.
There is no upgrade path from a client OS, Windows XP, to a server OS,
Windows 2003.
You will need to start from scratch.

Larry Samuels

You cannot upgrade from a workstation OS to a server OS. A clean install is
your only choice.

Larry Samuels Associate Expert
MS-MVP (2001-2005)
Unofficial FAQ for Windows Server 2003 at
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