Upgrade Home Prem. to Ultimate



I have a HP Touchsmart with 64 bit Home Prem installed. I bought a Vista
Ultimate 64 bit retail upgrade. When I attempt the upgrade it does not allow
an upgrade. The message is:
The upgrade cannot be started. To upgrade, cancel the installation and then
choose to upgrade to a version that is more recent than the version you are
currently running.

Again upgrading from Home Preminum to Ultimate how would the version of Home
be an issue?

Mark H

Look at the disk. Does it state Service Pack 1 on the label?

If not, take the disk back to where you bought it. Beat the owner over the
head and demand they sell you a usable product and to take the obsolete
stuff off the shelf.

Or, you could spend $10 and order a replacement disk which will have SP1 on

Or, you can uninstall SP1 from your current installation and then install
the upgrade.

Or, if you own an actual installation disk (with the purchase of your HP
Touchsmart) that includes SP1, you can simply use that disk with the Vista
Ultimate Product Key to perform the installation.

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