Upgrade from 4.7(XP SP1) to Windows messenger 5 broke Norton AV 7.5


Anthony Hughes

has anyone else seen this problem? I've just started getting the "you must
upgrade" nags from the version of Messenger installed on my XP SP1 setup so I
installed Windows Messenger 5.0

(Note to marketing - having different products with very similar like MSN
Messenger and Windows Messenger is VERY confusing, especially when you don't
clarify the differences!!)

After installing all seemed to be ok until I shut the PC off and restarted it
the next morning - when I noticed Norton AV 7.5 was no longer loading (! over
the shield tray icon) - trying to start it manually generated "check you have
suffcient privaledges" error - I do, I'm an admin user.

Could not get it to load, so uninstalled NAV and tried to reinstall, but it
failed at the same point, trying to start the service ("don't have

In the end I had to go back to a Ghost backup I took just before installing
Messenger 5 ("just in case" - how lucky that was!!) and now I'm back to square
one. But at least I'm virus protected.

Anyone else seen this? Should I try upgrading to the later 4.7 instead?


Lucky One

I am not sure what version of Norton ant virus you are using
only 2002 and 2003 are compatible with XP and 2003 as a feature that
Windows Messenger does not like in Norton 2003 go to
Options, Under Internet, go to Instant Messenger
and un the tick box MSN Instant Messenger

I hope this is of some help

Ray Knight

Yes, Ant...I'm having the same problem..for the last few
weeks. Nothing seems to stop that crap. Besides which
there are apparently multiple "latest" versions listed on
MS pages. In one place it says, 4.7 is the latest. On
the next link it says 5.0 is the latest. And on another
page it says 6.0 is the latest. Doesn't matter...I can't
get any of the versions besides the one I have to
install. I tried deleting the existing Windows Messenger
folder (it's not listed in the install/remove list), but
access was denied. I even tried going to a DOS prompt to
delete them, but MS won't let me.

I don't want the damned Messenger, and I certainly don't
want these annoying popups. Screw Bill Gates and the
horse he rode in on.


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