Updates Vista Windows Defender - no error message



I have a yellow circle/black exclamation mark on mt defender icon in my
toolbar and it asks me to update. When I try to update I get a response no
new defintion files or upsdates are available for Windows defender. I do not
get any error message. Everything has run smoothly for the past two months
and this has suddenly happened. I run McAfee anti virus. I have no problem
updating Windows just defender. I have pretty basic skills in computing so if
any help can be simply expresed i would be very grateful.

Bill Sanderson

Are the definitions current in Windows Defender? What's their date?

When you update Windows, you should also be offered updates to Windows

The exception to the above statement is that if you are on a Corporate or
Institutional network where Windows updates are distributed by a system
maintained by the IT department, they may or may not choose to include
Windows Defender updates in that distribution--depending on the mechanisms
used, this may not even be possible.

Does that exception apply?


there is no history in the Defenders history window but in Windows updates
it says that my last update was KB915577 Def. - that was on
2/7/08. I am a home user and have no IT management involvement.

Bill Sanderson

So--if you go to Windows Update or Microsoft Update, and do an express scan,
what is offered?

Are you getting the regular monthly sets of security updates, including the
Malicious Software Removal Tool, for example?


I do get a windows defender scan. Ireceived Windows updae malicious tool
KB890830 in July. My last important update for windows was KB952142 Windows
Vista Update. In the scan screen of windows defender it says my lst sdcan was
today definitin version created on 25/6/08

Bill Sanderson

I agree with Engel's advice--go to the Microsoft address he specified, and
in the right column, download the 32-bit definitions.

Yours is the second query in recent days with this same version number--so I
think there may have been a problem.

Putting in the definitions from the security portal should fix this.


Thank you to both Engel and Bill Sanderson. It appears to have worked, in as
much as I no longer have the icon in the toolbar and nothing is telling me to
download updates. Very grateful.


Hi Kaput,

That's good to hear, glad we were able to help.


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