Updates Not Being Recorded?



Nearly every day Windows Vista Home premium says new
updates are available. (I have it notify me before downloading
and installing). Vista tells me the updates have been
installed. But, when I look in the view installed updates in
Programs and Features I don't see these updates on the
dates that I assumed they were installed on. The last date
is 1/9 but every day this week Vista has updated my
system with a Definition Update for Windows Defender.

Any help will be appreciated

Rick Rogers


Definition updates would not be listed under Programs/Features, they are
merely changes to the files that Windows Defender uses to determine what's
good or bad. This is not unlike definition updates to your antivirus
software. It doesn't change the program, it just helps redefine what it
should be looking for.

Best of Luck,

Rick Rogers, aka "Nutcase" - Microsoft MVP

Windows help - www.rickrogers.org
My thoughts http://rick-mvp.blogspot.com

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