Updated vista 32 bit does not backup .exe files & shortcuts



I just finished reinstalling my vista box to out of the box new. I used
vista 32 bit home premium backup and restore that came with the vista
operating system to backup and restore all my stuff. It all went well
except I discovered that vista 32 bit backup and restore does not backup
..exe files and convenience shortcuts I made for quick access to hidden
AppData folders. Every .exe file in my "download" folder was gone when I
restored it from using vista 32 restore. All the other file types were
there just fine in my download folder. I am glad I did a direct zip
backup just in case.

I read through all the vista help files. Under "What file types are not
included in my backups?" it listed "Program files". I interpreted that
files in the "C:\Program Files" folder and sub-folders would not be backed
up which, would certainly be a reasonable exclusion. I did not interpret it
as all .exe files.

I like vista 32 bit home premium backup and restore. It is simple and basic
and most of all, automatic daily incremental backup. I just set it and
forget it. Also, with the exception of .exe files, it is reliable.

With that all stated, my question is: How do I or can I set vista 32 bit
home premium backup and restore to include .exe and shortcuts to hidden
folders without extra steps like putting my "download" folder in a zip file
every time I add to it? Or do I need to use a different backup app like the
free versions of GFI Backup or FBackup or Cobian Backup or Toucan?

Background info: Desktop AMD 4400+ 64X2 4GB memory 320GB HD Acer
(AM3100-U3201A) purchased new February 2008 -- 32-bit MS Vista Home Premium
SP2 -- MS auto updates on. Comcast ISP 12mbps service W\ Motorola SURFboard
SB5101 Cable Modem direct to computer. No other switches or routers or
wireless or phone line or any other networking hardware hooked up to this

Thanks for your help



I did a deep scan using Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware as you instructed me to
do. Nothing bad was found. I double checked my backup using Vista 32
backup and restore to find my .exe files. I could not find any. Is there a
way to have it back up .exe files?


Microsoft seems to assume that all programs use their newer installation
methods, which make saving just the executable and not the portion
of the registry dedicated to that program give you a useless backup.

Unfortunately, they did not offer any way to tell the backup program
which parts of the registry correspond to a particular executable, so it
CAN'T back up just those portions.

Also,Vista HAD to block the ability to back up system executables
while they are running, in order to prevent several types of malfunctions;
but they seem to have gone too far in deciding which executables to
block any ability to back up.

Robert Miles

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