[Update] Fraud Eliminator v2.34 - Anti-Phishing Software



More and more, criminals are using the internet to steal personal
information and money from people like you. FraudEliminator is a free
tool for your web browser (FireFox or Internet Explorer) that protects
you from this growing threat.

Once you install FraudEliminator, you will be protected from online
fraud scams, and have access to numerous other features, like seeing
where different websites are located (geographically), registration data
for domain names, and pop-up window blocking.

FraudEliminator prevents users from accessing known fraud and phishing
websites, and employs advanced artificial intelligence that can
recognize and block all yet-undiscovered fraud sites. We maintain a
real-time database that tracks information about every known online
fraud threat. As soon as our fraud analysis team positively identifies a
phishing or fraud site, our entire userbase is instantly updated;
everyone using our product is immediately "inoculated" against the
threat, without having to do anything.

We collect fraud information from two sources:
- our own network of "honeypots" (email accounts that are specially
designed to attract fraudulent phishing emails), and
- from users who report fraud incidents to us by clicking on the "Report
Fraud" button on their FraudEliminator toolbar.
Our team of Fraud Analysts reviews each submission, and if found to be a
real threat, it is immediately added to our Real Time Threat Database.

Even without the Threat Database, our software contains a set of
advanced rules that we have developed that are designed specifically to
recognize telltale signs of fraud. For example, should a user in
Virginia be giving out his or her credit card number to a "CitiBank"
located in Russia? Through analyzing things such as domain name, website
content, geolocation information, and common tricks that phishers play,
we are able to proactively warn our users before it's too late.


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