Update Excel Chart LINKS in PowerPoint WHILE in "Loop" Presentatio




I've link pasted charts from Excel into PowerPoint.

When I open PowerPoint - it asks me to update the links. I do.

But - the spreadsheet I'm using is automatically updated with live data from
my sales team activity. This automatically changes the charts in Excel.

The PowerPoint I've created transitions through the slides in a CONTINUOUS
LOOP mode - but the charts showing DO NOT UPDATE.

I need those charts to be updated INSTANTLY when the data in Excel changes
and while PowerPoint is in Continuous Loop Presentation mode.

The slideshow is being continuously shown to the sales floor to see
productivity, etc. It needs to be update real time when the Excel data and
charts are update real time. (As mentioned - the Excel data and charts are
ALREADY updating live and working as should be - it's just the linked charts
in PowerPoint not updating while in Presentation mode.)

Help - I spent a lot of time on this and have huge visions and goals for its
use - but now I'm looking at a static presentation of old numbers!



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