Automatically Update Excel Links


Tony Bender

I have an Excel table with charts I 'paste-linked' to PowerPoint.
Included in the Excel application is a command button that opens the
PowerPoint chart that corresponds to the Excel table.

When the PowerPoint chart opens it has old data and I want to automate
the process it so when PowerPoint opens, it automatically updates the

Initially I set this to automatically update links, but this has no

Ideally I'd like an 'auto_open' macro that upon opening the chart it
automatically updates links. I'm having a hell of a time trying to
figure this out and appreciate any direction. If this is not feasible
then is there some way to at least have the prompt automatically
appear that suggests the user update the chart by clicking the update

I am using Excel and PPT 2003.

Thank you,





easiet way to do it...have the files open then open up power point.....not
very good if there are lot of different files though...

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