Update data without opening file?



I hope anyone can give me some advice..

I have file Book3.xls (summary) which linked to Book2.xls (calculation), and
Book2.xls is linked to Book1.xls (source data).
I often make changes in Book1.xls.
Can I get the updated data when I open Book3.xls without having to open
Book2 ?
Is it possible for Excel to update its data without opening the "calculation"
file as stored in Book2.xls?

In fact, there are hundreds of Book2.xls for hundreds of different item
calculation, they made my head swam everytime I have to re-open them one by
Help me please...

Thank you so much for everything..



I don't think so. Excel needs to open the file to refresh its links & hence
recalculate. You can stack 2 files but not three.

You could use the macro recorder to record yourself opening & recalcing &
saving the files ... so you would not have to do it manually.



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