3 workbooks linked



I have 3 workbooks say Book1,Book2, Book3. Book2 has formulae which refer to
values in Book1 and Book3 has formulae which refer to Book2, that is Book1 is
the source of book2 and Book2 is the source of Book3. All 2 are password
protected both for read and write. I made a few changes to the values in
Book1 and saved and closed it. Now I open only Book 3 without Book1 and 2
open, it first asks me for its own password, I supply both read and write
passwords, then it asks me if I would like to update values, I click on
'update', then it asks me for read password of Book2, I supply that and Book3
is opened. At this stage I would have expected it to ask me password for
Book1 also because Book2's source file is Book1. And my fears are confirmed:
Book3 does not reflect the changes that I made in Book1. I then go into
Edit-Links: It says the source file is Book2 as expected but the staus is
'unknown'. I then click on 'Check Status' but the staus updates to 'Warning:
Values not updated'. And the 'Update Values' button is disabled. I am stuck
at this point.
Also when I have all the 3 files open, they reflect correct and updated

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