"unspecified" folder


The Wizard of Odd

When using Windows Explorer, a number of folders are suddenly showing up as
"Unspecified" in the right-hand panel. By this, i mean the word
"Unspecified," underlined in blue shows up over the list of files in the
folder. It doesn't do any harm, but i would like to know why it's happening
and how to change it. I can't do anything to change this except renaming
the folder, which is annoying because i named my folders for a reason. I
tried looking for the folder in the registry, but couldn't find them.

Any idea as to what is going on? I'm using Windows XP (home).

The Wizard of Odd

Jon Erlandson

Unspecified fold is designated because you've chosen to arrange icons under
some condition and that condition isn't met (music files arranged according
to artist?) The blue indicates the folder is compressed or encrypted. To
turn the color off - control panel > folder options > view tab > "show
encrypted or compressed NTFS files in color"

How To Arrange Files Using Folder Views in Windows XP

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