Unplug device warning


Jumbo Shrimps, Jr.

Everytime I unplug my digital camera,
I get the prompt:
"You have unplugged a device or ejected
a device without stopping it".
Is there a way to hack the registry so
this warning is disabled?


There is an option for the Drive under Properties for that Drive to not
notify I believe.

John John

AFAIK that doesn't show up in Windows 2000. Unlike Windows XP, Windows
2000 doesn't tolerate too well the surprise removal of USB devices.
Even if such surprise removals have no negative effects on the device or
even if no data loss is possible, you will still get an "Unsafe
Removal of Device" notice unless the device driver has been written to
explicitly tell Windows 2000 that it can tolerate surprise removal. You
can simply ignore the notice or make it a habit of using the "Unplug or
Eject Hardware" function to stop the device before you unplug it.


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