Unlink a chart in Excel/Powerpoint 2007



Trying to paste an Excel 2007 chart into Powerpoint 2007. If I paste as a
graphic, the resolution is too low to read chart text. If I do a default
paste or paste special as a Microsoft Office Graphic Object, the chart is
linked so that if the source excel spreadsheet is resorted the data changes.
I can come up with several ways to export higher resolution graphics of the
Excel charts but they are time consuming and I need to do this 1000's of
times. None of the Excel 2003 solutions seems to work for Excel 2007. For
example the "ungrouping" trick no longer works to break the links and Excel
2007 doesn't have the copy at Printer resolution option (at least I can't
find it). Seems like there must be a way to paste an unlinked chart in an
editable form like Microsfot Office Graphic Object. Thanks in advance, Tim


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