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My computer (Pentium II, Win98) started taking a REALLY long time to
boot up and to load programs. The hard drive continually whirs as if
it's loading stuff. Eventually, programs load, but what used to take a
few seconds now takes 10 minutes or so.

Anyway, I ran Norton Anti-Virus and it reported finding two items:
"lofE385.TMP", which it indicated was a Trojan Horse and which it
quarantined, along with "brE3B4.exe", which it associated with
"Spylocked" and which it deleted.

I also ran SpyDoctor, which reported fixing 83 adware or whatever
items (including SpyLocked).

-- neither program fixed the problem. The computer continues to whir,
the hour glass pops up rather frequently, and it just seems to be
taking forever to load stuff. The video display also takes a long time
to paint new screens. (Hope this makes sense). After about 30 minutes,
the computer stops whirring but will start again if I try to do

I could not find either of the viruses supposedly found by Norton
("lofE385.TMP" or "brE3B4.exe"), listed on Symantec's website; nor
was there anything when I googled the two names.

1. Has anyone heard of these two viruses?
2. Why would the Norton Anti-Virus program find them, but they not be
listed on Symantec's website?
3. What's my next step?

Thank you.


Goto this MS-MVP website: http://www.grystmill.com/ and follow the advice
religiously. You will need to printout the instructions since it will
require you to perform these procedures offline. Then do antivirus and
antispyware and maintenance applications. You will be in another world that
is "pristine and clean". Then check Symantec manuel removal instructions for
Trojan if the problem still exists. You also might consider performing a
HiJackThis log and posting to a website that will help you:
http://aumha.net/viewforum.php?f=30 Good Luck!

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