Unknown Network Chatter



Our company has been expanding with intentions to double size this
year. I have been appointed to start monitoring our networks traffic
to see what exists on the network and see if we need to block more
traffic buy more equipment, etc. We have a few T1's and 56K dedicated
lines. It has come to my attention that sending data (mainly text)
over the 56K lines has slowed way down or next to nothing at times
during the day. I believe there may be a NIC in a client that may be
"chattering" just enough to affect these 56K lines and not a noticeable
affect on the network itself. What software is out there to help find
the culprit that may be causing this issue? A full solution software
would be ok too because I still need to monitor packets and what not.

Is ethereal a good solution for this (and just plain old network
traffic monitoring) and how would I implement that since I am new to
the network traffic monitoring? What would you recommend?

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