Unknown driver problem - what device?



I've just reinstalled Windows 2000 on an old machine after trying
various Linuxes. I've got one yellow question mark in Device Manager
now, the other three were obvious ot identify and were taken care of
when I found drivers for the machine, a Fujitsu-Siemens Scenic T with
D1371 mainboard. I did all this about six months ago and think I
remember 100% solving it, but even the Windows update function
couldn't crack it. (A modem, lan and audio were the three I sorted.
The display's fine and though I have a PC Line card fitted with 45 USB
ports, this is working fine as I have an external hard drive connected
via it. The graphics and sound are onboard.)

Might this be a clue for someone here? The details from the
properties tab are: PC Bus 0, Device 31, Function 3, with Input/
output Range 1400/ 140F.

Thanks in advance.

Russ knorr

It probably is a ddriver for the gameport.Just install a generic and it
should work

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