Unknown device



Everytime I log on I get a 'found new hardware' message with three options.
No 1 is ' windows need to install driver software etc.' When I click this
after the search I get the message that no driver car be found. When I go
to device manager I see that there is a yellow exclamation mark by the 6to4
adapter in network adapters. I also have several 'unknown devices' under
network adapters , again with yellow exclamation marks. I uninstall them but
each time I log on and get the 'found new hardware message' I find another
'unknown device' in my network adapters. Under the detail tab of its
properties it is listed as 'ISATAP'. I have tried disabling them but I just
get another one installed next time I log on.I have contacted my Computer
Manufacturer Technical support and they cannot resolve the problem. Can
anyone out there help as it is driving me nuts. Please not too technical as I
am a 'silver surfer' with limited Computer knowledge. Thank you


To resolve an unknown device issue I pointed to c:\windows\windows32 as the
location where it found a driver and completed the installation.

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